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the Whine & Cheese bistro mystery quadrilogy

This cozy mystery series is set in the fictional town of Robin, a suburb of Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. It is loosely based on the actual suburb of Dunrobin where I lived for about a dozen years.

Not sure what a cozy mystery is? It’s a light-hearted “whodunnit” type of mystery, filled with humour and in this case, tasty recipes. Our main character, a quirky Canadian- Hungarian named Amalia Kis, runs a bistro and the recipes in the books are based on dishes that she serves at the restaurant.

As you might guess by the titles, the main theme of the bistro is wine and cheese. You can expect to hear a lot about both, as well as a healthy dose of salami and murder, peppered throughout the book. Settle down with a nice snack and a glass of wine because you’ll find yourself craving both.

For a synopsis of all four books, please continue reading. Or, click on any of the links below to order. The Amazon link has a nice little preview section that also gives you a delicious little taste of what lies within. Thank you for your support!

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Here’s a synopsis of all four books. I will apologize ahead of time for the…cheesiness. I take full blame.

Book 1: Asiago and the Accomplice

There’s something cheesy going on around here…

Thirty-year-old Amalia Kis just opened a new bistro that specializes in selling mouth-watering platters of cheeses, salamis, artisan breads and wines with quirky names like Broke Ass, Well Hung and The Accomplice.  

But when she’s greeted by the body of the local town hoarder hanging from the coat hooks at her bistro, she finds herself in the midst of an unsavory murder investigation, and her plans for success are quickly thwarted. 

After a second body turns up in her stairway, the list of suspects steadily grows, as does Amalia’s desperation when her Hungarian parents decide to visit for a few days. To further complicate her life, Matt, an ex-cop who now owns his own private investigating firm, takes a sudden interest in her, but getting cozy with him proves to be difficult amidst concussions, break-ins, and her overprotective parents.

Amalia’s savings are quickly dwindling, as are the customers at the bistro amidst all the scandal. Desperate not to lose her bistro, and since the police don’t seem to be making much headway, Amalia starts investigating on her own.

Without a clue as to what she’s doing, will she end up pasteurized or live to Whine another day?

Book 2: Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar

Things were about to get as sticky as a pot of cheese fondue!

Is Chloé dating a murderer? Who’s stalking Nicole this time? Is the disturbed stranger from the woods friend or foe? And why in the world is 50+ year old Nora prancing about in push-up bras?

Thirty year-old Amalia Kis’ recently opened wine and cheese bistro is flourishing despite a rocky start; until she finds the dead body of the nephew of her evil nemesis, Mr. Leonardo.

Things get smellier than Blue Cheese when she learns that everyone loathed and feared him. The suspect list steadily grows.

Amalia’s eccentric Hungarian parents move just minutes away and despite her best efforts, soon learn of the murder. To her surprise, her father eventually gets involved. Meanwhile, things steam up with new boyfriend Matt, who continues to discourage her involvement in the case. Nora, on the other hand, is right in the thick of things- and gets steamy with Mr. Leonardo! (Gag).

In her accidental detective style, Amalia blunders through, trying to solve the murder.

Will she be sharp, like an aged Irish Cheddar, or crumble like an aged Asiago?

Book 3: Feta and the Fat Bastard

Who’s gotten cheesed off this time?

Millionaire Milton is about as pleasant as a moldy block of feta, but when his juicy young wife drops dead at the Whine & Cheese Bistro, Amalia finds herself back in the thick of things. 

Matters are further complicated by one very handsome paramedic. Will Amalia have a new love interest? And why is Nora back with the acidic Mr. Leonardo, Amalia’s arch enemy?

Drugs, mafia, escort agencies and a brown and yellow Mr. Kis as Amalia’s unexpected sidekick?! She’s “grateful” for his help, but things are getting “whey” too strange.  

As the sleuthing continues, Amalia finds herself in a poisonous setting, and wonders if the wrong person was killed.

Will this unlikely duo get stomped on like a bunch of grapes, or flourish like a fine wine?

Book 4, Swiss cheese and Sibling Rivalry

Can Amalia cut through the cheese and find the killer before she goes Emmental?

When her wine and cheese tasting class gets creamed due to a brutal murder, she soon finds that investigating a case proves to be more challenging when it involves family.

Nathan’s never-before-mentioned sister returns to the town of Robin, only to get jacked before he has a chance to see her. The ex-lawyer had swindled many, including her family, before fleeing across the country and disappearing from their lives, leaving behind a mystery that fermented in their hearts for years.

As if that’s not bad enough, it seems Stephen has gotten himself into some financial trouble. Is he responsible for the latest break-in at the bistro? What type of Muenster would do that to his own sister? 

In this story of cheese, greed, lust, wine, deception, love and soul searching, Amalia is left questioning not only those around her, but her future and her very own sexuality. 

In her last mystery, and with more stress on her shoulders than she Camembert, Amalia must stay sharp as she muddles through this case that has more holes than Swiss cheese. 

Cheers, my friends!