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Those that know me, know that I am an irritatingly positive person. Glass half full or half empty? Heck, I’m just happy I have a glass!

These last couple of weeks have been tough though. I could barely lift the corners of my mouth to smile and I was in a very dark place. Finding out that I need radiation for some cancer that’s in my spine and hips really threw me for a loop.

I have since wrapped my brain and heart around it. The radiation should be quick and is aimed at reducing the pain I have been in that has prevented me from doing…well, pretty much everything. This is not ME, not the life I want to live. So radiation it is, and I have hope of returning to at least a shadow of my former self.

In the meantime, I still have a purpose to fulfill, and that is to help others heal. In this Covid era, I attempt this now via guided meditations.

For anyone else who might need a bit of hope in their lives, here’s a free, quick (4-5 minute) guided meditation with Hope as our mantra, combined with a “Releasing” breath technique.

Peace, love & health, my friends.

Hope: a quick, guided meditation (enter 0.00 as price, click on “I want this” and then it should be sent to you)


Cozy mystery author, cancer warrior, certified yoga teacher, food lover, empath...healthy, happy, strong. Namaste!

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