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Those that know me, know that I am an irritatingly positive person. Glass half full or half empty? Heck, I’m just happy I have a glass!

These last couple of weeks have been tough though. I could barely lift the corners of my mouth to smile and I was in a very dark place. Finding out that I need radiation for some cancer that’s in my spine and hips really threw me for a loop.

I have since wrapped my brain and heart around it. The radiation should be quick and is aimed at reducing the pain I have been in that has prevented me from doing…well, pretty much everything. This is not ME, not the life I want to live. So radiation it is, and I have hope of returning to at least a shadow of my former self.

In the meantime, I still have a purpose to fulfill, and that is to help others heal. In this Covid era, I attempt this now via guided meditations.

For anyone else who might need a bit of hope in their lives, here’s a free, quick (4-5 minute) guided meditation with Hope as our mantra, combined with a “Releasing” breath technique.

Peace, love & health, my friends.

Hope: a quick, guided meditation (enter 0.00 as price, click on “I want this” and then it should be sent to you)