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Furtastic Friday

This little beauty is my baby girl, Sadie. She’s roughly 5 months old and purrs like a motorboat but sounds like an elephant!

Her favourite pass time is watching the birds and chipmunks- when she’s not rough-housing with her brother from another mother, Ripley. I sometimes can’t tell if they love or hate each other, but then catch them snuggling when they think no one is watching.

Sadie loves sniffing things, then has little sneezing fits. She also gets gassy sometimes, so it’s a good thing she’s cute. She’s extremely snuggly and will ram right into your face to get your attention before lying down next to, behind, or on you.

From my family and I, and of course, Sadie (and Ripley!), have a furtastic Friday!

If you have a special pet that you’d like featured on a future Furtastic Friday post, please contact me.