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Furtastic Friday

Photo credit: Colin Moore

Meet Arabella, a 6 year old Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola Rosea).

Arabella is very calm and loves eating crickets. She was wild in South America and travelled many miles to get here via a box of bananas. I guess we could say, she also likes to travel…

*Buddy (not real name) found her and brought her home to his wife, who was not very happy, to say the least. She was instantly re-homed and has changed owners a number of times before ending up at her current location, where she’s been loved for 3 years. She’s got a bunch of interesting “siblings” that we’ll be sure to meet in future posts.

From her parents, Micheline and Colin Moore, myself, and of course, Arabella, have a furtastic Friday!

If you have a special pet that you’d like to share for a future Furtastic Friday post, please contact me.


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