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Furtastic Friday

Ripley aka “Ripper”

Meet our new rescue tabby, Ripley.

He’s about 3 and 1/2 months old now and is living up to his name- or rather, many variations of his name. Ripley’s believe it or not, because of the things he can get into, Ripper (let’s just say, all my curtains are tied up high right now), and Ripples, because of the adorable way his stripes are rippled throughout his little body.

Right now, he’s all paws and has a ferocious appetite. He’s loved everything he’s been fed and miraculously knows when it’s time for his smelly wet food.

As many of you know, my two year old kittie, Bart, accidentally escaped and ran away about a month and a half ago. It broke my heart, and still does. After much debate, we moved ahead with another rescue and he’s certainly wormed his way into our hearts.

Sweet Ripley has two personalities: he can be an absolute, hyperactive terror one minute, then suddenly slump over my legs in a dead sleep, transforming into the cutest, gentlest little creature.

From myself, my family, and of course, Ripley, have a furtastic Friday!

If you’d like your pet to be featured on a future Furtastic Friday, please contact me. We need more pets!


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