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Furtastic Fridays

Meet Bella, a fluffy tuxedo breed who loves to have her pretty fur brushed. She rolls about, happily purring, while this is being done.

Bella loves to hunt treats out of her “treaty puzzle” every morning, holding her prize between both her paws like a squirrel. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing flying bugs.

She has a favourite toy since the age of 8 weeks old. It’s missing its original feather and has been lovingly sewn back together. Bella will pick that toy out from her basket above all others and if she loses it (which is often), it must be located and then hidden amongst the other toys so that she can hunt for it again.

Bella is sweetly affectionate and loves to knead and purr on her human mamma, then fall asleep splayed out across her chest. She is very much loved and cherished.

From her owner, Kathy St. Denis, myself, and of course, Bella, have a furtastic Friday!

If you have a special pet that you’d like to see featured on a future Furtastic Fridays post, please contact me. We want more pets!