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Turmeric Pearl Couscous Tabouleh


For those of you expecting a Furtastic Friday post today….sorry! I need more animals! So, instead, I bring you food.

I was in my 30’s before I first tried Tabouleh. I mean, first of all, I couldn’t pronounce it and then I didn’t know what was in it. It was very green; too green. And, most people couldn’t even tell me what was in it, but swore by it.

I’m not even sure what possessed me to try it. Yes, I’m a finicky eater, though I branch out a little more with each passing year. I think it was some tortilla chips that convinced me to try it at a work potluck. There they were, side by side, and I thought, “Yeah, I can handle that.”

Being picky, it has to be made right. No surprise ingredients like olives, and for heaven’s sake, not made with quinoa! Traditionally, it’s made with bulgur, something else I was not familiar with. I’m Hungarian. We did not have bulgur in our house.

Now if you’re searching frantically through my books for the recipe, stop! It’s not one of my previously published ones. Nope, this is brand new, baby! And since I’m not doing a book 5, I get to share whatever inspires me right away.

The parsley in my garden had a sudden growth spurt, so Tabouleh sprang to mind. I’d never made it yet, but how hard can it be? Searches on line promised me that it could be made with couscous. I rummaged in my pantry and came across some of this wonderful, iron-rich turmeric infused pearl couscous.

Never one to follow a recipe, after gleaning inspiration from a number of different ones, I created my own. I cooked the couscous in a roasted garlic chicken broth, then added what I thought would not only taste good, but still resemble a Tabouleh.

For the batch pictured today, I even ran out and bought some of this weird bulgur stuff and added a bit to the recipe. It was pretty bland on it’s own, even though I cooked it in the same broth as the couscous. Mixed up all together though, delicious and I hope full of healthy goodness.

You be the judge!

Turmeric Pearl Couscous Tabouleh

-1 cup turmeric pearl couscous (I found it at Bulk Barn)

-2 cups chicken broth of choice

-1 big bunch parsley chopped very small

-5-6 sprigs of cilantro (traditional Tabouleh uses mint instead), chopped very small

-5-6 sprigs fresh chives (you get the idea, chopped really small)

-1/2 small onion diced small

-1 diced tomato

-6 cloves of garlic (yes, diced small)

-4 tablespoons olive oil or more, depending on taste

-1/4 cup lemon juice

-salt and pepper to taste

Boil broth then add couscous. Reduce heat to simmer, then turn off once only a bit of liquid remains, allowing couscous to sit another 10 minutes or so. Then cool couscous. You may need to add a bit more broth if it gets sticky.

Meanwhile, chop up all the other ingredients and combine. Add cooled couscous, oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Taste, adjust as needed. Refrigerates well for 3-4 days.

My step-daughter, Abby, added feta to hers, but if you do that, don’t add it to the whole thing because it won’t keep as well.

If you have any recipes you’d love to share, let me know!

Cheers, my friends.


Cozy mystery author, cancer warrior, certified yoga teacher, food lover, empath...healthy, happy, strong. Namaste!

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