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Flaked Ham Pitas (or rollups)

Although I love to cook, the heat we’ve been having lately has dampened my desire to turn the stove or oven on. I have a lovely pool, but I do not have central air conditioning, so the house tends to get up to 80 degrees at times. Or more.

I revisited book 1, Asiago and the Accomplice, just to refresh my memory with what recipes I had shared in there. I came across my famous ham pitas recipes. Hey, it is famous, in some corners of this world; particularly where I worked for 20 years in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s easy, cheap, filling, yummy and best of all, no oven or stove needed.

It’s best with small, chewy-type pitas or flour tortillas. There’s some really interesting flavoured tortillas these days, too, to make it even more tasty. In a pinch, I’ve even just put it on sandwich bread or a nice, fresh bun. I’m salivating already; I shouldn’t be writing this just before dinner time!

As you can see here, I made it with plain tortillas and butter croissants this time. Since I hadn’t made them in ages, it tasted extra good.

You will need:

-1 can of flaked ham, drained (I use the low sodium one when available)

-1 heaping tablespoon mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip, they are NOT the same thing!)

-dash of garlic powder

-dash or 3 (I use 3) of dried dill weed

-1 teaspoon relish (I hate relish but it’s really good in this- totally optional, 99% of the time I make it without)

Mix everything up in a bowl. If you have mini pitas, slit them in half and stuff about half a teaspoon to a teaspoonful of ham into it. This should make about a dozen.

If you’re using tortillas, spread about 1 tablespoon of the mixture all over the tortilla, roll it up, then slice it into about 5-6 pieces. If you have time to chill it a couple of hours, it tastes even better, but it’s also good right away. Don’t chill it too long though, since they can get mushy then.

You might want to add a nice salad to round things out. Try my feta and greens recipes, from book 3, Feta and the Fat Bastard!

Or, you can simply opt for a cheese and salami platter. Here’s a funny review I did a couple of years back that you might enjoy. I went through a lot of cheese, breads and salamis (and wine) when I was writing these reviews, so I’ll share them over the coming months.

They all include little snippets from my books, so if you have time (cuz, you know, you’re not cooking), take a look. Cheers!


Cozy mystery author, cancer warrior, certified yoga teacher, food lover, empath...healthy, happy, strong. Namaste!

One thought on “Flaked Ham Pitas (or rollups)

  1. Your Pitas looks good! I normally favor rice to bread but I am using tortilla lately as my youngest daughter is visiting. I should cut it to small bit size like yours 😋

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