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Furtastic Fridays

Yumm, good stuff!

Meet Chippy, one of the many chipmunks we feed.

I’m not sure which one this is… we have named some of them, the ones that are very distinct. This might be Earl, but I’d need to see his right side to confirm it. We live on what used to be an apple orchard and with many apple trees still on the property, our place is a crowd favourite for wildlife.

The chipmunks actually line up throughout the day at feeding time. I kid you not! Some wait patiently for the guy ahead to finish and leave, whereas others flex their furry little muscles and pounce. By the end of every summer, we usually have a few of them that trust us enough to eat out of our hands.

Meet “Zen”!

From all my chippies and I, have a Furtastic Friday!

If you’d like your special pet featured on a future Furtastic Fridays post, please contact me.